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E-book elektronické knihy Smithsonian

From Knowledge to Narrative - Roberts Lisa

From Knowledge to Narrative shows that museum educatorsprofessionals responsible for making collections intelligble to viewershave become central figures in shaping exhibits....

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Genetics in the Wild - Avise John C.

Award-winning geneticist John C. Avise guides this delightful voyage around the planet in search of answers to nature's mysteries. He demonstrates how scientists directly...

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Critical Issues in Public Art - Senie Harriet

In this groundbreaking anthology, twenty-two artists, architects, historians, critics, curators, and philosophers explore the role of public art in creating a national identity,...

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One Nation Under Goods - Farrell James J.

Loved and hated, visited and avoided, seemingly everywhere yet endlessly the same, malls occupy a special place in American life. What, then, is this invention that evokes such...

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Museum in Transition - Hein Hilde S.

During the past thirty years, museums of all kinds have tried to become more responsive to the interests of a diverse public. With exhibitions becoming people-centered,...

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Living In, Living Out - Clark-Lewis Elizabeth

This oral history portrays the lives of African American women who migrated from the rural South to work as domestic servants in Washington, DC in the early decades of the...

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