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Clement Attlee - Jago Michael

Elected in a surprise landslide in 1945, Clement Attlee was the first ever Labour leader to command a majority government. At the helm for twenty years, he remains the...

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Life and Loves of Laurie Lee - Grove Valerie

Millions of readers know and love him for his lyrical portraits of his life, from the moving and nostalgic tales of childhood and innocence found in the pages of Cider with...

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Bletchley Park Codebreakers - Smith Michael

The British codebreakers at Bletchley Park are now believed to have shortened the duration of the Second World War by up to two years. During the dark days of 1941, as Britain...

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Last Victorians - Robinson W. Sydney

Ever since the publication of Lytton Stracheys Eminent Victorians in 1918 it has been fashionable to ridicule the great figures of the nineteenth century. From the longreigning...

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MI5 in the Great War - West Nigel

In 1921, MI5 commissioned a comprehensive, top-secret review of the organisations operations during the First World War. Never intended for circulation outside of the...

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Power Trip - McBride Damian

Hailed as the must-read political book of the year by commentators on all sides of the great divide, Power Trip is the explosive memoir of one of Westminsters most controversial...

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