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China Lover - Buruma Ian

When Sidney Vanoven is sent to occupied Japan, in the immediate aftermath of the Second World War, it is his dream posting. By day, he works in the censor's office watching...

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Giants of Steam - Glancey Jonathan

The thrilling story of the last, and greatest, generation of steam railway locomotives in regular main line service: a story of invention, skill and passion, Giants of Steam...

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Collected Poems 1956 - 1998 - Herbert Zbigniew

Zbigniew Herbert is one of the outstanding poets of the last century. This exceptional new translation brings together, for the first time in English in one volume, his entire...

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Console Wars - Harris Blake

In 1990 Nintendo had a virtual monopoly on the video game industry. Sega, on the other hand, was a faltering arcade company with big aspirations and even bigger personalities....

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Journals 1952 - 2000 - Schlesinger Arthur

Frank, revelatory, suffused with wit and humanity, Arthur Schlesinger Jr's journals offer an intimate history of post-war America, from his days on Adlai Stevenson's campaign...

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Kingdom of Infinite Space - Tallis Raymond

From the act of blushing and the amount of manganese in our tears (tears of pain contain more than tears of distress) to the curiousness of a kiss, The Kingdom of Infinite Space...

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History's Daybook - Furtado Peter

Every day of the year carries the memory of great and terrible events... From the founding of Rome to the twenty-first century's war on terror, History's Daybook presents a...

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