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Coaching Supervision at its B.E.S.T. - Arnold Jackie

Coaching Supervision at its B.E.S.T. contains clear strategies and real life case studies and can be used in all settings where there is a need for effective and efficient...

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Dirty Teaching - Robertson Juliet

Juliet Robertson offers tips and tricks to help any teacher develop variety in their teaching. One of the keys to a happy and creative classroom is getting out of it and this...

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Numberverse - Day Andrew, Worley Peter

A journey into the world of numbers, which are over our heads, under our feet, and all around us. The Numberverse is especially for people who dont like maths. If youre one of...

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Primary Heads - Laar Bill

Primary Heads contains lessons on leadership from a group of highly successful primary head teachers. The book starts with an overview of current thinking on good leadership...

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Perfect Teacher-Led CPD - Allison Shaun

All successful schools have one thing in common they are full of brilliant teachers. This doesnt happen by chance. If schools are to develop their teachers into first rate...

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Never Mind the Inspectors - Coles Tait

So what is Punk Learning? It details the importance of why all students should be allowed complete control of their learning. In Never Mind the Inspectors Tait justifies why we...

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Perfect Maths Lesson - Loynd Ian, Beere Jackie

The Perfect (Ofsted) Maths Lesson recognises that teaching is hard and that, although no teacher is perfect, their lessons can be. Drawing on his experience as a secondary maths...

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Perfect Further Education Lesson - Rossa Jackie

The Perfect (Ofsted) Further Education Lesson will help teachers, trainers, tutors and assessors provide consistently outstanding learning experiences that make a real...

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Brain Box - Hodgson David, Benton Tim

The Brain Box a personal journal for each student to be their best at school boost grades, improve motivation, memory, learning and understanding, exam techniques. It will...

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