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My Lord, The Hermit - Heley Veronica

He was like no other hermit she had ever seen. He was young, strong, dark and vowed to silence. His name was Keren, but he was always called the Hermit.And as he touched her...

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False Charity - Heley Veronica

Newly widowed Bea Abbot must decide what to do with her deceased husband's business, an exclusive organization handling domestic crises. Though Bea is tempted to sell up, she...

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False Picture - Heley Veronica

Velma is charm itself, especially when she's being inexact with the truth. Now she wants Bea, widowed owner of the Abbot Agency, to check up on her stepson Philip, as he's...

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False Step - Heley Veronica

Bea Abbot's domestic agency does not, repeat not, investigate murder . . . that is, until she finds herself in the company of a dead man dressed as a pantomime dame. It looks...

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Longsword - Heley Veronica

Cast out in disgrace from the family estate, dashing young Sir Gervase Escot was drawn towards the great castle at Malling... For there lived the much-courted beauty, Lady...

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Awful Secret - Knight Bernard

A Crowner John medieval mystery set in 12th century Devon, EnglandGilbert de Rideford is a Knight of the Temple of Solomon, and an old acquaintance from Crowner John's crusading...

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Murder in Time - Heley Veronica

Ellie Quicke has her work cut out when past wrongdoings put the future of a child she's grown to love at stakeEllie opens the door to a man who is a stranger but instantly...

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Chandelier Ballroom, The - Lord Elizabeth

A tale of heartache and drama with supernatural overtones 1929. On receipt of an unexpected inheritance, small-time crook Horace Butterfield splashes the cash on a large house...

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Different Tides - Woods Janet

A young woman becomes a governess to two grieving orphans in the latest powerful historical romance from Janet Woods1835. Clementine Morris, despite her youth and inexperience,...

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Day of Vengeance - Dams Jeanne M.

The new compelling mystery featuring Anglophile Dorothy Martin and her husband, retired policeman Alan Nesbitt . . .Dorothy Martin's husband, Alan Nesbitt, is heavily involved...

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