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Embryos under the Microscope - Maienschein Jane

Jane Maienschein examines how understanding of embryos evolved from the speculations of natural philosophers to bioengineering, with its life-enhancing therapies. She shows that...

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Expulsions - Sassen Saskia

Income inequality, displaced and imprisoned populations, destruction of land and water: today's dislocations cannot be understood in the usual terms of poverty and injustice,...

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Citizens Divided - Post Robert C.

First Amendment defenders greeted the Court's Citizens United ruling with enthusiasm, while electoral reformers recoiled in disbelief. Robert Post offers a constitutional theory...

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Banking on the Body - Swanson Kara W.

Each year Americans supply blood, sperm, and breast milk to aquote;banksaquote; that store these products for use by strangers in medical procedures. Who gives, who receives,...

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Million and One Gods - duBois Page

As A Million and One Gods shows, polytheism is considered a scandalous presence in societies oriented to Jewish, Christian, and Muslim beliefs. Yet it persists, even in the...

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Black Death and the Transformation of the West - Herlihy David

Looking beyond the view of the plague as unmitigated catastrophe, Herlihy finds evidence for its role in the advent of new population controls, the establishment of...

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Clockwork Muse - Zerubavel Eviatar

For anyone who has blanched at the uphill prospect of finishing a long piece of writing, this book holds out something more practical than hope: it offers a plan. The Clockwork...

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Feeling Backward - Love Heather

Feeling Backward weighs the costs of the contemporary move to the mainstream in lesbian and gay culture. While the widening tolerance for same-sex marriage and for gay-themed...

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