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Edisto - Powell Padgett

Simons Everson Manigault ('You say it aquote;Simmonsaquote;. I'm a rare one-m Simons') lives with his mother, an eccentric professor known as the Duchess, on an isolated strip...

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Lost, Stolen or Shredded - Gekoski Rick

Like Sherlock Holmes' dog in the night time, sometimes the true significance of things lies in their absence. Rick Gekoski tells the very human stories that lie behind some of...

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Globalisation Fractures - Dumas Charles

In his previous books, The Bill from the China Shop and China and America: A Time of Reckoning, Charles Dumas was the first to identify the existence and potential impact of the...

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Rhythms Of Life - Kreitzman Leon, Foster Russell

Popular science at its most exciting: the breaking new world of chronobiology - understanding the rhythm of life in humans and all plants and animals. The entire natural world...

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Economist Guide To Business Planning - Friend Graham, Zehle Stefan

To get any new business idea off the ground or develop and better manage an existing business you must have a plan - and if you need to raise finance to fund the business or get...

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Churchill's Bunker - Holmes Richard

'This is the room from which I will direct the war,' Churchill declared, shortly after becoming Prime Minister in 1940. It was from these cramped confines that Churchill turned...

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Psy-Q - Ambridge Ben

Psychology is everywhere. Our emotions and desires, the decisions we make on a daily basis - absolutely every aspect of the way we think and feel has been studied by...

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