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Edge of Valor - Gobbell John J.

Commander Todd Ingram, commanding officer of the destroyer, USS Maxwell (DD-525) met Soviet Navy officer Eduard Dezhnev in 1942 when the starshiy leytenant (senior lieutenant)...

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Rescue of Bat 21 - Whitcomb Darrel

When his electronic warfare plane, call sign Bat 21, was shot down on 2 April 1972, fifty-three-year-old Air Force navigator Iceal aquote;Geneaquote; Hambleton parachuted into...

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Navy Spouse's Guide - Stavridis Laura

Naval officers and enlisted personnel undergo extensive training to cope with the special demands of their duties at sea and ashore, but what about their spouses and children?...

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Papa Topside - Siiteri Helen A.

A pioneer in the field of deep-sea diving, George F. Bond helped develop the theory of saturation diving and the techniques and dive tables used by divers around the world. In...

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Millions for Defense - Leiner Frederick C

The title of this book comes from a toast popular with Americans in the late 1790smillions for defense, not a cent for tribute. Americans were incensed by demands for bribes...

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Lost Crusade - Scott Peter

When Peter Scott began a 1968 tour in Vietnam advising ethnic Cambodian Khmer Krom paramilitaries, they shared only an earnest desire to check the spread of communism. It took...

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Hostage on the Yangtze - Murfett Malcolm H.

In 1949, as the Chinese Civil War was about to enter its final, explosive stage, the small British frigate HMS Amethyst was sent on a dangerous mission up the Yangtze River to...

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Empires in the Balance - Willmott H.P.

The respected British military historian H. P. Willmott presents the first of a three-volume appraisal of the strategic policies of the countries involved in the Pacific War....

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