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Peacock Bass Addition Book 3 - Larsen Larry

Book 3 in the Peacock Bass Series, Peacock Bass Addiction focuses on catching America's greatest gamefish, the peacock bass. It offers tips on where, when and how to catch this...

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Do It Yourself Bonefishing - Hamilton Rod, Deeter Kirk

Do It Yourself Bonefishing is the authoritative guide written for DIY anglers targeting bonefish on the fly. Divided into easy-to-reference sections, this book will help you...

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Game in the Desert - O'Connor Jack, Harter T. J.

This booka reprint of the original 1939 editionoffers an in-depth look at some of the most sought-after game in the American Southwest and northern Mexico. Included are black...

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Larry Larsen on Bass Tactics - Larsen Larry

Larry Larsen on Bass Tactics is the ultimate how-to book that focuses on proven productive methods. It is dedicated to serious bass anglers those who are truly interested in...

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Bass Fishing Facts - Larsen Larry

Productive bass anglers are those who can relate the facts of fishing to the current conditions. They utilize their knowledge about bass to determine the most effective bait and...

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Larry Larsen's Guide to South Florida Bass Waters Book 3 - Larsen Larry

This book should be a reference source for all anglers who fish or wish to fish in the future, the waters of South Florida, This region has three of the states five largest...

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Bass Pro Strategies - Larsen Larry

Professional fishermen have opportunities to devote extended amounts of time to bass fishing and they don't last long in the business unless they can learn from the experience...

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Bass Guide Tips - Larsen Larry

Bass Guide Tips focuses on the most productive methods of the top bass fishing guides in the country. This book is loaded with regionally known techniques that will work in...

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