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Chasing Churchill - Sandys Celia

Illustrated with photographs from the private family album, this book follows in the footsteps of some of Sir Winston Churchill's famous trips to the four corners of the world,...

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Changing Women's Lives - Wilson Alison

Rosemary Murray (1913-2004) was the eldest of six children in a happy, talented and energetic family whose deeply-engrained attitude of service to the community she inherited....

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How to Make a Living in Paradise - Wylie Philip

Are you seeking a richer quality of life?The tips and guidance herein - backed by authoritative case studies and contact directory - are bound to save thousands of dollars and...

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Masks and Faces - Muir Janet

Everyone on deck! All hands on deck! Fire! Fire! Bring the hose quick! As the steamship lurched in the heavy seas, Harry Braham grabbed what clothes he could and struggled with...

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History of Loot and Stolen Art - Lindsay Ivan

The author of this enthralling book aims to present a well-illustrated and documented alternative history of the Western World through graphic accounts of looting and art theft...

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Between Chance and Choice - Atmanspacher Harald

Are choice and free will possible in a world governed by deterministic fundamental equations? What sense would determinism make if many events and processes in the world seemed...

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Pauli-Jung Conjecture and Its Impact Today - Atmanspacher Harald

Related to the key areas of Pauli's and Jung's joint interests, the book covers overlapping issues from the perspectives of physics, philosophy, and psychology. Of primary...

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Consumerism versus Spirituality - Nock Peter

This book contributes an assessment of contemporary economic management and how this has developed since industrialization in the eighteenth century. However, reviewing the...

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