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Mortals - Rush Norman

Ray Finch is a middle-aged Milton scholar and a CIA agent in Botswana. His doted-upon wife, Iris, may be an adulteress. And her physician, the quixotic Davis Morel, may be her...

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How To Read Hitler - Gregor Neil

Incoherent, obsessive and violent, Hitler's ideas nonetheless found an audience of millions and led to one of the most horrific and devastating conflicts of the 20th century....

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How To Read The Qur'an - Siddiqui Mona

The Qur'an is regarded by Muslims as the direct word of God, timeless and unchanged. It is used not only for prayer and worship but as a path which can lead the believer to a...

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Legend Of Napoleon - Hazareesingh Sudhir

God was bored with Napoleon,' wrote Victor Hugo, and the Emperor was duly defeated at Waterloo in 1815 and exiled to St Helena, where he died an agonizing and horrifying death....

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Jack Of Jumps - Seabrook David

Between 1959 and 1965, eight prostitutes were murdered in West London by a serial killer. These murders were the most notorious unsolved crimes of the twentieth century. The...

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Indonesia Etc. - Pisani Elizabeth

One in 30 of the people on this planet is Indonesian. The 13,000 islands of their homeland, scattered along the equator, stretch the distance from London to Tehran, and the...

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New Turkey - Morris Chris

Updated since the decision to begin Turkey's admission to the European Union. Turkey is a country in a state of flux, swept along by an extraordinary process of change. In the...

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Impossible Exile - Prochnik George

By the 1930s Stefan Zweig, born to an affluent Jewish family in Vienna, had become the most widely translated living author in the world - his novels, short stories, and...

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Our Inner Ape - Waal Frans De

We have long attributed man's violent, aggressive, competitive nature to his animal ancestry. But what if we are just as given to cooperation, empathy and morality by virtue of...

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How To Read Shakespeare - Royle Nicholas

Shakespeare's legacy is all around us - in our books and our films, in our politics and in our everyday speech. With his words he has formed our world, and his influence has...

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