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Island of Lightning - Minhinnick Robert

Robert Minhinnicks latest prose collection follows him to China, theTower of Babel and Wales via the mysterious Island of Lightning. Teeming with vivid depictions of people and...

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My Family and Other Superheroes - Edwards Jonathan

My Family and Other Superheroes introduces a vibrant and unique new voice from Wales. The superheroes in question are a motley crew. Evel Knievel, Sophia Loren, Ian Rush, Marty...

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Imagined Sons - Etter Carrie

In Imagined Sons Carrie Etter has written a book of vivid, heartbreaking poems on the experience of giving up a child for adoption. A prize-winning author, lecturer, critic and...

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Hitting Game - Clifford Graham

'The Hitting Game' is the first collection of poems by the London-based young poet Graham Clifford. The vibrancy of the poet's voice and the immediacy of his claims upon our...

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Midnight, Dhaka - Mir Mahfuz Ali

Mir Mahfuz Ali is an exceptional new voice in British Poetry. A native of what is now Bangladesh, Mahfuz grew up during the difficult period of the early 1970's when the region...

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