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Hour Between Dog and Wolf - Bosselaar Laure-Anne, Simic Charles

Laure-Anne Bosselaar's poetry captures the lives of aquote;lost souls roamingaquote;--be they young girls in convents, merchants, whores, widows, soldiers. Old Europe still...

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Model Homes - Koestenbaum Wayne

Wayne Koestenbaum knows how to drop the language in the blender of the imagination and hit frappe! The 13 ottava rima cantos in Model Homes present a neo-Freudian tale of the...

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Fortieth Day - Ali Kazim

From the Bible to the Quaraan, the fortieth day symbolizes the last moment before deliverance, a moment in time when a supplicant or prophet or stormbeaten passenger knows there...

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Darling Vulgarity - Waters Michael

With both ardor and sensuality, Darling Vulgarity challenges us to embrace humanity's imperfections while urging us toward new spiritual realities. And then, sometimes, the...

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Owner of the House - Simpson Louis

Few poets have so artfully confronted American life as Louis Simpson. Persona speakers struggle with everyday issues against a backdrop of larger forces, the individual's...

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Love Song with Motor Vehicles - Parker Alan Michael

In Love Song with Motor Vehicles, Alan Michael Parker marshals a penetrating wit and sharp irony that mirrors that of Charles Simic and John Berryman. Parker's robust...

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